Medical AR Case Study - Medartis


One of the best use cases on how simple augmented reality (AR) solutions
can result in a massive impact on your marketing and training.

The Background

The Medartis team reached out to us in 2021 to create a more fun and interactive way with which they could market their top-of-the line surgical plates. With Medartis being the leaders in their industry, we were very excited to start crafting a unique experience for them that will showcase their prestigious products.

We started with offering them our free consulting sessions to truly understand who we need to target and ensure we present the products correctly.

The Project

After the initial concept work, we decided that a lightweight app which they could easily pull up at trade shows would be the best option.

We optimized the app so that it could be used by anyone. This was crucial as the demographic consisted of doctors, many of which were a part of the older generation, so making the user experience simple and intuitive was our primary goal.

This focus on keeping the experience light and simple resulted in an added benefit of the app having the potential to be used outside of just marketing, but also for other applications such as internal training and pre-surgery information sessions with patients.

What we ended up creating was a well designed web-AR product which allowed the users to view various injuries and choose the appropriate medical plate from the list. This was a fully gamified experience so the users would be able to see their score based on how quickly and how correctly they identified the correct plates.

We debuted the app after 3 months of development in the autumn of 2021. The reception was overwhelmingly positive.

The Result

The final experience exceeded the initial expectations, both in terms of results and scope.

Although initially we aimed to just provide the doctors at conferences with a fun way to introduce themselves to the top-of-the line Medartis plates, as well as the Medartis brand, we ended up achieving much more.

The medical professionals who participated in the experience were very positive in reviewing the interaction with the app. Our data showed that the simplicity of the user experience was the key to that success.

But what we are the most proud of is that the metaverse web experience was used in a variety of other use cases, one of the most notable ones being educating new joiners on the products that the company produces.

The success of the project resulted in us creating other web experiences with Medartis targeting other body parts, such as the wrist.

The experience taught us about the precision needed when working with medical topics and we are very excited to work on future medical collaborations. We would love to collaborate and hear from you about potential opportunities for Virtual or Augmented Reality in the medical industry.

Medical AR Case Study - Medartis

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