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Metaverse Events

1000+ people visited the TAR HQ in
Decentraland during our 2 month campaign

The Background

Although we have been immersed in the world of Decentraland as users since 2020, we only had limited client projects on the platform.  Since we deeply enjoyed our time on Decentraland, we wanted to understand the know-how of how to maximise the value for our clients when moving into the rich and vibrant world of Decentraland.

This is why in early April 2022, we decided to rent out a single plot of land and create a vibrant space where users can socialize, create and enjoy themselves. We ended up creating one of the most popular Decentraland spaces in June and July of 2022.

The Project

As always, we invested a lot of resources in our 3D modelling process to ensure the space is aligned with our brand. However, we put additional effort into creating the space in a modular way. This means that we created a beautiful space that can be adjusted to fit multiple brands which would want to host their events in our space.

Here you can see an image of the TAR office in Decentraland:

metaverse real estate 3d render
metaverse real estate 3d render

Apart from creating beautiful environments, we also wanted to create high-value items for our users to be able to wear in the fashion-obsessed environment that is Decentraland.

Our TAR Hoodie and gloves were a massive hit. We managed to mint 3,596 instances of the items. It is definitely the case that it was the cool thing to wear in Decentraland during the summer of 2022.

Once both the apparel and the building were done, we spent some time programming the various interactions and links to ensure the space is interactive and fun.

Once we were sure we had a great experience to offer to Decentraland users, complete with a beautiful space, well-designed items, and great music, we made the event live.

The Result

The result was an event that was consistently on the most popular events page on Decentraland.

One important thing to mention is that we did not spend any budget on advertising. All of the results we achieved were purely organic.

What we managed to do was incredible. Over 2 months we had:
• 15,000+ visitors.
• 3,596 apparel items minted
• 6m 21s average visit time
• 96% satisfaction rate (91% - very satisfied, 5% - satisfied)

But numbers alone cannot describe the benefit this project had for our brand. All of our staff had personal interactions with the power users of the metaverse. Meeting all of these friendly people excited about the technology and the future was a great experience.

Apart from meeting future clients, this experience allowed us to meet new research participants that informed our thinking about how to build and create metaverse experiences not only on Decentraland, but for every brand onwards. Inspiring some of our key philosophies.

If you want to know more about the research we conducted or more about the event itself, get in touch with us.

TAR HQ: Metaverse Event

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