Web AR Case Study - Ford x Oilers

Ford x Edmonton Oilers
Web AR Bronco

Augmented Reality showcase of the new Ford Bronco
to the Edmonton Oilers Fans

The Background

We have created a variety of projects with the Edmonton Oilers as well as Ford. For this activation, we worked with the talented Canadian marketing agency Cinco.

We wanted to bring the Ford Bronco to life to Edmonton Oilers fans. Working with our partners at Cinco, we decided an AR activation would be best to showcase the grandeur of the Ford Bronco in Oilers colors.

The Project

We worked in a very quick pace and it only took us 1 month to deliver the experience. As with any good AR experience, we meticulously worked on the 3D model of the car to be able to create something truly inspiring.

Once we created the 3D model, we ensured that the user is able to place it on any surface. The key element here was that an important part of the appeal of the Ford Bronco is its size. This is why we implemented an innovative mechanic where the user can decrease the scale of the Bronco if they wish to, but it would originally always show in its original dimensions.

The marketing campaign followed in this spirit, where users were encouraged to take pictures of the AR car in their driveways in order to win prizes.

A key factor for us is always implementing metaverse principles in everything we do. This is why we ensured total immersion in the app by allowing the user to view both the interior and the exterior of the car with their phone. As well as walk around it to truly experience the scale of the Bronco.

The Result

We ended up creating a truly unique experience. Not only did we create a beautiful rendering of the car, but we also allowed users to see and experience not only the Bronco, but to showcase the love for their favourite hockey club in a unique way.

For us, this was an important learning step in understanding that polishing and perfecting every detail of an experience is what truly distinguishes great experiences from good ones.

Web AR Case Study - Ford x Oilers

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