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Centrifugal governor

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The Background

The University of Bristol reached out to us with the idea of creating an educational AR experience showing students the functionality of a Centrifugal Governor.

With Augmented Reality and the metaverse being incredible educational tools, we knew that we could significantly improve the learning outcomes.

The biggest problem when teaching students about the centrifugal governor and its functionality was that it was hard for students to visualize every element of this complex system.

The project was challenging for us as well because we needed to deliver the project in only 3 weeks. This meant we needed to fully understand the complex concept ourselves, as well as ensure every detail is as realistic as possible and the model accurately represents what is happening in the mechanism.

We proceeded with the project with the utmost care, every detail was important because of the precision of the model we needed to make sure every inch was as realistic as possible.

The Project

As the project started we were focused on the 3D model that needed to be precise in every segment. We worked closely with the client checking every detail of the model and animation through phases to ensure the most realistic representation of the Centrifugal Governor.

Although the initial brief was to create the project in Augmented Reality, our design team focused on the user experience, making the default option non-AR with just a white background because the early user testing showed that users preferred this as they could easily zoom in on the various elements of the system.

We still left the option of using AR for students who wish to place the model in their environment.

The AR experience was an exact simulation of the process of the centrifugal governor having all the stages that it needs to fully represent the functionality.

As the experience was progressing through stages pop-ups show up with a detailed description of what exactly is happening in the process, with that we achieved interactive learning enabling students to see what happens if there is a change in the process.

The Result

The result was a refreshing interactive AR experience that gives students a realistic look at a machine they don't normally see.

We are exceptionally proud of our project team that managed to fully comprehend and understand the complex system, as well as deliver a precise and accurate representation of the complex machine in a very short timeline.

The design team also did an incredible job prioritizing the user experience over the technology itself.

For many students, this alternative learning method was a refreshing and great experience showing such a complicated process in such a simple yet precise way.

Such a complicated topic that many students struggled with was now learned through a few minutes of interactive learning, if you're interested in creating a similar experience feel free to reach out to us.

Educational AR Case Study - Bristol University

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